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Laura has spoken across the United States and internationally — at universities, companies, conferences, accelerators, a TEDx stage, and a military base — each time customizing her message to the audience in ways that get them to think differently and do more.

Laura was one of six featured speakers at TEDxCambridge in the fall of 2016. This premier event celebrates the remarkable innovation, creativity, and inspiration found within New England.

In her talk, Laura implored the audience of 2,600 to Stop Asking “How Can I Help?” and taught them, instead, how to ask a better question: one which empowers us all to finally fix the big problems we face by actually serving the solutions, and not just the problems of our own egos.


Stop Asking “How Can I Help?”

We all feel a calling to serve, to solve the big problems.  Each time we hear of a terrible situation, in our homes, our communities, our places of work, or the world at large, we ask ourselves, “How Can I Help?”  And, we get in the way of actually helping.  In this talk, Laura implores audiences to stop asking this question, and to ask a better one, one that brings a fundamental shift in how we go about solving our most vexing of problems.  This talk reframes the question, and gets entrepreneurs, staff, donors, volunteers, and investors out of their own way, so that we can finally solve our big problems.

Finding Your Leadership Voice

At every stage of our careers, drilling down to our fundamental state of leadership matters. For those young and old, this topic speaks to those trying to find or amplify their voice towards making change in the world.  Audience members come away from this talk understanding their unique leadership voice, and excited to apply that voice in its highest and best purpose in the big problems we must collectively work to solve.

Building a Career of Purpose

Building a career of purpose entails taking ownership over the change sought in the world and the collection of levers and resources necessary to make that change. Topics covered include skill development, network enhancement, and storytelling.  This talk is personalized to the age of the audience, from audiences mapping out their career’s first ten years, all the way to audiences trying to carve out a purpose-driven retirement or encore career.

Transitioning from Corporate to Nonprofit Work

More than ever before, the nonprofit sector has become a place for those looking to give back.  The impetus is there, but the knowledge of how to make the shift remains elusive.  In easy to digest steps, Laura breaks down the complexities of the nonprofit sector and outlines concrete steps necessary for graduate students, mid-life job changers, and encore careerists alike to make the nonprofit sector their next home.

What’s Your Impact?

Aimed at those trying to figure it out, or become aligned in personality, passion, and purpose, this talk lights a fire within that catalyzes energy and excitement towards making a difference. It asks fundamental questions about the change one seeks, the resources at hand, and the steps needed to take to move towards that impact.

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September 25-28, 2017






Bratislava, Slovakia
October 24-25, 2017


Paris, France
November 30, 2017

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Interested in learning more?

Please complete the form below so that we can start getting to know each other.  We understand that you are still nailing down details of your event, but because Laura is in demand, we like to lock in potential dates early.  Fill out what you can, and we’ll discuss the rest.

Speaking Fees:

Laura’s speaking fees for keynotes and in-person engagements range from $10,000 to $15,000, depending on the location, duration, and level of customization you need.

Included in Laura’s fee:

  • One pre-event planning call with event organizers
  • A 60-90 minute keynote presentation
  • Attendance at one event-related promotional activity

Half of the fee is expected when the date is locked in and the contract is signed; the other half is expected upon completion of the talk.  Travel is charged as one flat fee, to be remitted with the initial payment. Travel fees will vary on distance of travel.

Are there special discounts for nonprofits?  Laura gets this question a lot, given that she has spent 25 years in service to nonprofits and donates an enormous amount of her knowledge and network on behalf of organizations she holds dear.  The simple answer is this: yes though not often, but it is worth an ask.

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